Colin Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

It was founded in 2000 by an experienced team, in line with the principle of producing high value-added products in Istanbul.

Our activity, which started with the production of textile auxiliary chemicals, continues today with the production of many products suitable for our field of expertise.

We started the production of biochemistry solutions, which we started by making special production for some companies in 2011, in 2015 with our own brand.

Since 2020, our production continues with the production of dozens of products that are entirely Colin R&D works.

Colin is an expert in testing, analysis, washing and media preparation, pH buffering, sanitizing.

Today, we produce products suitable for our expertise and provide scientific consultancy support to many manufacturers.

We carry out our activities in the medical field with the title of "authorized medical device manufacturer" of the Ministry of Health.

All of our products are registered in the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System (ÜTS).

We offer products to all hospitals, clinics or test laboratories directly or through sub-dealers.

By constantly updating this structure, we respond instantly to the market's demand for change.

We offer "Specific Solutions" with our strong R&D infrastructure.

We produce universal quality equivalent products that are fully compatible with universal brands in many device groups such as biochemistry autoanalyzers, ISE, HPLC, immunoassay, nephelometer, coagulation used in medical test and analysis laboratories.

In accordance with our philosophy that prioritizes R&D studies, our R&D team makes great efforts to produce new products.

We take part in national and international congresses with scientific and sponsorship support.

Our R&D team collaborates with Turkey's leading academics.

Scientific studies for many chemicals that we have developed are presented orally by our research team as articles/proceedings at national congresses.

Our principles

Work within the universal core values, constantly updated high reliability, work in accordance with the universal core values, constantly updated, high-reliability.

Our Mission

High customer satisfaction, full employee satisfaction, environmentally friendly production and production in areas with high added value.

Our vision

Colin; To be an institution that producez high quality, specific, previously unproduced products and has a corporate identity that has a say in its field with its knowledge and experience and which produces universal quality.


Colin Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
To meet your scientific preferences; offer specific solutions. 21 years...

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