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Vilso® PowerClean - Hand Cleaning and Hygiene Cream

Hand Cleaning and Hygiene Cream

Vilso PowerClean - Hand Cleaning and Hygiene Cream


• Used for cleaning of medium and heavy impurities (oil, rust, grease)


• Deep cleanses the skin with all pores,


• Provides basic care to the skin, prevents irritation and nourishes the skin,


• Has passed Dermatological Safety Test for Hands.


• Antibacterial. Purifies hands from bacteria.


• Contains natural care oil. The hands do not dry and provide silky softness.


• It provides better and faster cleaning with special granules that increase scrubbing effect.


• Silicone-free. Does not cause clogging of washbasins.


• Skin-friendly ideal pH value.


• Lab does not contain irritating chemicals such as solvents. 75 Seconds Cleaning and Hygiene!


• Rub a small amount of PowerClean on your hand first.


• Continue to rub with water and rinse with water.


• Clean greasy and dirty hands in 75 seconds!


Please do not compare with a mixture of known lime and surfactant chemicals.

Your hands will not have eczema and your skin will not fall out.

Photos are 100% real moments.

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